What according to me is love? Why do people fall out of love?

What according to me is love? Why do people fall out of love?

When it comes to define love, I can’t I can only feel it, let’s make a try, Ah love is all about never giving up on someone, ah love is not sacrifice, ah love is not caring, ah love is not sharing, ah love is finding crazy ways to stay connected, ah love is finding sense in all the senseless stuff, ah love is an endless feeling and finally blah blah blah and blah.

In this article I walk you through about love yes about blah blah blah and blah, let’s get started Love, huh? This is really a tough one especially for me. In my opinion, Love can’t be defined in words, it’s a feeling one can only feel it. Love is completely accepting someone for who they are is love. Love is not about sacrificing or demanding about something, love is free and accepting. Just because there’s love, doesn’t mean people are supposed to be together forever.

Choosing to be with someone you love the most despite their shortcomings is commitment. Leaving when things don’t work out for you due to individual differences it is still love it’s a love for yourself. We are human beings and we all need food, water and air to survive. Fortunately we fall in love to satisfy our unsatisfied needs. So fall for someone and they will show you THE rest. It’s all needs to do with trust honesty and respect. Keep falling, Keep loving, Stay connected. :):) To be continued…

[NB: this is elaborating on romantic love as opposed to the other types. Yes, kind of other love like mother's love is different, and I sure hope everyone has found that somewhere, with whomever you consider your maternal figure in life. There is no replacing that.]

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