What is success means to you? All about sacrifices one should do for success.

What is success means to you? All about sacrifices one should do for success.

When it comes to define success, one person might define success as not having to work more than 40 hours a week, another person at the same time might define success as having a million dollars in their bank account. To me it is having the confidence to face every problem that life throws at me, be proud of myself with the belief that I can do anything, having the mindset of a winner, having the confidence to face criticisms smartly and yes, not giving a f * * * to what others will think or say.

In this article I walk you through about success and their sacrifices. Success can mean many things to others, for some of the people it is marrying the right person, for some it is having the beautiful kids, acquiring wealth, or being popular. For some it means being recognized and appreciated for their talents, whether they are in music, sports, or another field.

I believe that one of the most important challenges we face is our misunderstanding of what success really is. Success becomes an idol in our life that transforms our devotion to God. Striving for success can turn friends into competitors and make us vulnerable to corruption, deception, arrogance or despair. I actually have to say that success is not the goal. Success is the process. A journey. It’s the way you are feeling and the energy that is created on your way to whatever your goal may be. It’s you, striving for something.

Many are happy just to marry their school, college crush and get a good job. If you think success is a lot of money, then knock on a casino or armored car. Or if you are savvy enough, then you should go for a profitable internet gig. To achieve this you have to sacrifice fear, wasting of time, unhealthy environment, unhealthy habits and unhealthy people. Sacrifices are worthy. You get what you want but not just sacrifice you will also have to suffer. I always used to make decisions on which way I want my life to go (or think I do) and then stick with it.

To me, making a sacrifice means perhaps your life isn’t going the way you had planned it, and sometimes we just have to let go and live the life for what it is going right now. The biggest thing which has to sacrifice is comfort of one’s life, forget about comforts, you have to sacrifice almost every comfortable thing. You cannot just sit and watch Netflix and chill. You have to move your ass and start chasing your dreams. By the way you need to implement proper discipline to get what you are aiming to get. Good luck in finding whatever success means to you many thanks.

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