What is the hate love kind of relationship called? All about literal love hate relationships.

What is the hate love kind of relationship called? All about literal love hate relationships.

When it comes to hate love kind of relationship Well, I hate LOVE Initially, I loved love but an incident changed me forever. So, there was this girl on whom I had a crush badly. To me, it appears like you don't hate love and relationships. What you actually hate is falling in love and being binded in a relationship.

In this article I walk you through about literal love hate relationships, let’s get started It's because of conditioning. Most probably, you were raised in an environment where you were programmed to hate people. If you wish smart, healthy, relationships in your life, you need to be willing to work at it, you need the wisdom of God, and you need to understand the dynamics of relationships.

Love is everywhere the best learning I found in life is that love starts from you. You know how we get our heart broken teenage years, Maybe once or twice or more than that and then we create this shield around ourselves. Maybe we were immature, Maybe someone cheated on us, Maybe everything was stunning but circumstances changed. And it had to be called off but rather than looking at it logically or positive aspect of it, we fill our soul with hatred, negativity, anger, frustration, jealousy etc. And these negative emotions drown our performance in most of the spheres of life.

Why do we never provide love a second chance that it actually deserves? Why do we shut our doors on love? Why do we stop loving our self even? Maybe because we accept the love we think we deserve. So Love yourself be committed in improving yourself. Then the society you're surrounded will love you with or without you knowing it. We all want to stay respectful and works to get the goal of the good of the relationship, not the goal of winning this damn argument.

So I request you or anyone who had heartbreak to accept love with open arms and shower this world with the endless possibilities of love. Being a Andra fan, there is a beautiful line of her song that I want to include here,

“I wish there was another me, another you So we could go back to the point where we met Another place, another chance We'll make it right, so meet me halfway I know you feel the same.”

The stuff you apparently do in romantic relationships, as long as you not officially dating someone, you should fine with romance.

All relationships undergo love-hate phases because love and hate are different sides of the same coin. Now you have only option Love him/her, hate him/her but you can't ignore him/her LOL. God bless you all.

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