Human intelligence, doubt and self-awareness explained.

Human intelligence, doubt and self-awareness explained.

When it comes to human intelligence, our mind usually having a lot of good and bad thoughts as per our believe system that we've builded within the past.

In this article I walk you through about human intelligence, doubt and self-awareness, let’s get started Human intelligence doesn't mean knowledge in the subject or topic It shows our own thinking skills in applying in daily life situations at the proper moment for our survival.

The greatest sign of intelligence is aware of that you know nothing and the reality is that there is no highest point as a measure. Intelligence is the ability to understand, cause and resolve problems related to survival.

A doubt is something on that you do not have clarity. If you are having doubts in life, it means that you are questioning something instead of just following the life without any thought. Every doubt brings with it an opportunity to learn something new.

Self awareness is remembering ourselves, knowing that we are being pulled constantly in the directions of others, and so have the ability to choose for us. Self awareness is when you notice what you are doing and so do not act purely based on daily habit. It is a level of consciousness, where a person is aware of what is happening with them, what their responses are and by knowing these things one is able to control them.

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