How to become a good human being? All about being treated as good in return.

How to become a good human being? All about being treated as good in return.

When it comes to be a good human being in my experience only one rule will make you a better person which is unconditional love to all with no hate. Once you achieved no hatred state in your heart and mind you are always a better person. You will have peace in your soul all the time. Your relationship with everyone will be good and people will come forward to help you.

In this article I walk you through about becoming a good human being and being successful in your aims and goals let’s get started being helpful is the biggest quality of a good and successful person. Whenever we think of any good person around us we remember how they helped us or anybody else in their bad time. My own experience says that being too good with each and every person is not worth as people will take you on a grant.

You should be good with those people who deserve your goodness am I right? It all depends on the situations and social environment around us. You should be nice and honest to everyone however only to a certain limit. Try learning when to respond or react to a person or situation and when to stay calm.

Don’t ever give up on this world If you think that by only being good to someone, you will also be treated the same way then think twice because you want to stay good to people so that you will also receive some good in return. And expecting all the people to be good is foolishness, only your family feels for you selflessly rest of the world will see you as a medium to use for their own benefits.

Yes you read that right people that stay good to you also have thinking that they will get some favor in return, they too are not selfless. Being good human being is most important than being successful in your aims and goals. Good human being means not good in studies or being successful in life, it means to be kind, helpful, caring, understanding, patient, and loving are the qualities of a good person. Be good be smart many thanks.

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